Saturday, May 29, 2010

I know you're afraid of commitment but you don't have to be a baby about it.

The Romance of Superbaby and Baby Lois!
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane
DC Comics
Story by Leo Dorfman
Art by Kurt Schaffenberger
Number 42


Okay, so I couldn't help myself. I'm sure this is at the top of the list for all Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane fans. It is just a terribly fun story that is beautifully illustrated. And hey, any story that combines a brain shock, blackmail and a pissed off baby Lois Lane is bound to be good.

So, the way I see it Lois Lane is a catch. She is bright, a successful reporter and beautiful. I mean any straight man would count themselves lucky to hook up with that. Hey, I'm not accusing, I'm just making an observation.

Anyway, in The Romance of Superbaby and Baby Lois! we get to watch as Superman does everything possible to avoid tying the knot. I mean everything except running away, because that would be breaking his "solemn promise".

Oh, make sure to check out the laughing Superman on page 6, panel 4. What a douche.

I think I want the line "Meanwhile, without her realizing it, Amy has already changed into a ruthless female." on my tombstone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lois certainly has a type.

The Perfect Husband
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane
DC Comics
Art by Curt Swan
Number 24


It is hard to find anyone who doesn't enjoy Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane. The comics are fun, consistently good looking and kind of crazy. But, on the other hand they are also a recorded history of a woman and her emotionally distant, self-centered, jack-ass of a love interest.

Before you say that Lois is crazy, ask yourself, who hasn't found themselves on that same end of a bad relationship. Books like Women Who Love Too Much sell for a reason.

So, the way I see it, everyone loves Lois Lane, that is except for Superman. What Lois really needs is someone else to fixate on. Someone who loves her as much as I do and who will accept her and that lever in her head that switches from aggressive reporter to crazy stalker every now and again.

So it only seem right for Gay for Lois Lane to present The Perfect Husband as its first post. Here we see 1961's eHarmony counter-part and watch as science picks Lois the perfect mate.

I feel here, before anyone goes off to bed crying, that I should say that I have known my fair share of attractive bald and balding men. But what isn't attractive is being a big baby about it, so suck it up cue-ball!