Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lois certainly has a type.

The Perfect Husband
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane
DC Comics
Art by Curt Swan
Number 24


It is hard to find anyone who doesn't enjoy Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane. The comics are fun, consistently good looking and kind of crazy. But, on the other hand they are also a recorded history of a woman and her emotionally distant, self-centered, jack-ass of a love interest.

Before you say that Lois is crazy, ask yourself, who hasn't found themselves on that same end of a bad relationship. Books like Women Who Love Too Much sell for a reason.

So, the way I see it, everyone loves Lois Lane, that is except for Superman. What Lois really needs is someone else to fixate on. Someone who loves her as much as I do and who will accept her and that lever in her head that switches from aggressive reporter to crazy stalker every now and again.

So it only seem right for Gay for Lois Lane to present The Perfect Husband as its first post. Here we see 1961's eHarmony counter-part and watch as science picks Lois the perfect mate.

I feel here, before anyone goes off to bed crying, that I should say that I have known my fair share of attractive bald and balding men. But what isn't attractive is being a big baby about it, so suck it up cue-ball!


  1. Poor Roger Warner. Perhaps he'd have better luck with Lena Thorul? As for Lois, I wonder what story you'll choose next? SGFLL #54, perhaps?

  2. Always loved the goofiness of that story. The odd thing is that although baldness was portrayed as unattractive, DC's comics persistently portrayed people of the far future as hairless, so apparently the follically challenged outbred the hirsute.

    Regarding the blog title, I remember that sometime around 1969, the National Enquirer promoted a story on their front cover entitled "Lois Lane is a Lesbian!" I couldn't resist and flipped through the entire magazine but didn't find the article in question.

  3. Spectergirl: You know I'm in for this! Love Lois! Great first post.

    Pat: The Enquier story refers to a rumor that floated around that the actress that played Lois in the television series, Noel Neill, was gay. Over the years, Neill has vigorously denied the truth of this.

  4. I'm a sucker for any silver age Lois Lane stories, but Kurt Schaffenberger is one of my favorite artists, so you can't get to his tales too soon for me.

  5. Ye Gods, how many blogs can you run at the same time?!?

    I have to say, Lex Luthor is about the biggest crybaby supervillain in comics, DC at least. He and Victor Von Doom need some self-help books, and their respective universes would be spared a lot of aggravation.

  6. Great new blog. Congratulations! I look forward to more entries - and there's a wealth of (King) Kurt Schaffenberger LL material out there. He was a comic artist in the truest sense, but could also convey so many different emotions in his faces - especially Lois'.

    Lois and Lana were always beautifully dressed too. Kurt used to use the Sears-Roebuck catalogue and, later, the current fashion magazines.

  7. Darci: Lena Thorul, Nice! Could be a better match up. Of course if I were looking for a perfect mate somehow a show called "People are Wacky" instills about the same confidence that going on the Maury Povich show would.

    AndI'm not even sure myself what is up next.

  8. Pat: Of course both the evil and the extremely smart are also quite often bald. In my experience, most women all like the smart guy. And who doesn't like that bad boy? Really it seems also inevitable that everyone WILL be bald in the near future.

    I had never heard of that National Enquirer story. I'd love to find a copy!

  9. Mykal: Thanks - you're the man!

    Chuck: You may very well see Schaffenberger up next. I love his Lois!

    Rob! I know! I'm swear I am at my limit! It's terrible. The View-Master blog is always the one to suffer most. It is just too time consuming. I think I'll have to scrap my photography blog at the point and just be happy with 5.

  10. Dandy: Thanks. I really love Kurt Schaffenberger's Lois Lane. I'm really not sure what I plan to put up next. I want to stick to the comics I own and have wanted to shy away from stories that have been reprinted in a hundred different reprint collections. But they're reprinted again and again for a reason!

    I did not know that about him using the Sears-Roebuck catalogue as fashion reference. How great that Lois is such a true example of fashion at the time and Lois and Lane did always dress wonderfully. I totally wish fashion was still like that.

  11. I wonder if this was where they got their inspiration for Lois Lane's fiance in that one superman movie where Superman came back after five years to find out that She had already found somebody else.
    as I recall, that guy was also an ace pilot. :p

    To be perfectly honest, I don't ever think that Lois Lane and Superman was really right for each other, at least not in most comic reincarnations.
    why? because Lois Lane and Superman/Clark/Kal-El wants different things in life, and at times that wouldn't really mesh well into the lifestyle they would have if they were to marry.
    This issue just highlights perfectly the kind of man Lois Lane likes, and the life she wants.
    Can you imagine Clark ever being able to lead an life like that, just to make Lois happy? Not to mention Clark's more into the laid-back lifestyle on the farm and the city. So neither way, they wouldn't be really be happy together when it would be one-sided like that. their personalities are just too... different.

    But Lois Lane doesn't seem to realize this, being too obsessed with superman at times. Superman/Clark Kent however seems to realize this on some level, and that's why he's so reluctant to marry her. at least I think so.

    Lois Lane would probably wind up realizing that she had no idea of who or what Superman really was like before she married him, and she wouldn't really be content afterward. Especially when you know that Superman would rather marry somebody as Clark Kent, rather than as "Superman" aka Kal-El.... so the public wouldn't really know that she was superman's wife.

    So that's why I think it's far more interesting that Lois Lane actually had a different love interest that she actually liked and seemed to see as a strong contender for superman.
    I think it's far more realistic this way... instead of sticking to the same old status quo. plus this way you wonder: "Who will end up with who?"
    I wish that Roger was more of a recurring character here for this reason, and not just a one-time character.

  12. Auroramoon: I agree. I don't think Lois and Superman are right for each other. I mean, Lois has no interest in Clark, even thought his is TOTALLY built, just in Superman.

    Superman, well he is really just Clark. Raised by his farmer parents, with the Kent values and all. He just happens, do to circumstances, to be super. I wonder exactly how what Lois images Superman to be like "at home".

    Maybe it is kind of like obsessing over firemen, finally landing one, and at night he DOESN'T wear that helmet, and save small children during commercials, just drinks a lot of beer and forgets to put the seat down.