Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Girl that Almost Married Clark Kent!
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane
DC Comics
Cover by Curt Swan
Script by Robert Bernstein
Art by Kurt Schaffenberger
Number 17

We all know that there are more than enough obstacles that stand between Lois Lane and her aspiration of tricking Superman into a loving marriage. But believe it or not, there was almost one more.

In The Girl that Almost Married Clark Kent! Lois unwittingly tries to help the lovely Doris Drake, who incidentally is ALSO the Richest Girl in the World, cheat and swindle Clark Kent into marriage.

Now we all know that a little old piece of paper would never deter out girl from claiming her man, it is just one of the many reasons we love, but it would still be one more damn thing to deal with.


  1. Man, the art on this story is just so good. The facial expressions are hilarious.

    Re: the cover--this is the closest Superman and Lois and/or Lana would ever get to laying on a bed together. Sorry, kids of the 50s, this will have to do!

  2. Rob! I KNOW! Kurt Schaffenberger's faces are great. I especially love page 8 where Doris Drake goes from dreamily giving Clark that rather awkward waist hug to psychotically throwing her ice bucket at his head.

  3. Man, is it me or was a few of the positions and words SO suggestive?
    from lois's comment that "most women wouldn't give Clark an tumble!" to that waist hug.
    I know words had different meanings back then, but that waist hug is way too suggestive... they HAD to be doing it on purpose, and getting crap past the radar. :P