Monday, August 9, 2010

Lois in a Cat Suit - Enough Said!

Mystery of the Mind-Twisters!
Superman Family
DC Comics
Cover Art by Ross Andru
Script by Gerry Conway

Story Art by Bob Oksner
Number 199

Okay, so the Cat Suit on the cover might be a little misleading, only a little. But if I were to have said "Lois in an over sized pink belted mom dress with unflattering bangs" would you have been reading this right now? Probably not. But, if it is any consolation, if any one could pull of an over sized pink belted mom dress it would be Lois Lane!

And since my five year old is about to enter kindergarten to have the joy sucked right out of him, it seems to me to be the perfect time to present Mystery of the Mind-Twister!

Those were some bad ass moves Ms. Lane!


  1. Lois learned some Kryptonian martial arts in LL #78...I don't normally know that off the top of my head, it was referenced in Action #473 which I happened to read earlier today. :)

  2. Aaron: That would explain it! Between Kryptonian martial arts and Women's Lib, our Lois has become quite a dangerous weapon!

  3. the one thing I like about this issue is that she didn't need to be rescued by superman at at all. yes, there was close calls but she did managed them by herself.
    when you see her constantly falling from buildings and what not all the time, always rescued by superman... something like this is just plain refreshing.

  4. Auroramoon22: Yes, it was nice to see that the risks Lois was taking were not ventured into with the conviction that Superman would be there to fix it. She totally kicked some but.

    My only regret is that she didn't kicked butt wearing a Jackie-O suit and pillbox hat.

  5. Last page, next-to-last panel: there are many men who would pay good money to be on the receiving end of a woman in a catsuit like that.

  6. Rob!: It's like some kind of reversed Apache dance.I think at the end Lois burns him with a cigarette.

  7. Spectergirl: - an unflattering mom dress (ha ha) and cinched at the ribs to boot! Wow. Last thing in the closet, Lois?

    She makes up for it with that tight black number, though - complete with black gloves for that "call me mistress" look.

    I love that completely cool smile she gives in that last panel. Lois, you got it, baby!

  8. Mykal: Lois really is a cool number. And she really does a bit of ass kicking this time around. Of course I suspect that if you sport a frumpy dress like that you have to learn to both take a punch and give one too.