Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm in the WRONG business.

Lois Lane -- Queen and Superman -- Commoner
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane
DC Comics

Cover Art by Kurt Schaffenberger
Story Art by
Kurt Schaffenberger
Script by Leo Dorfman
Number 67

Back in school I had a professor try to encourage me to pursue writing as a career. I had no real interest. I had already made up my mine about the career path I planned to follow.

Well I was obviously wrong.

If I had had any idea that a career as a journalist on a big city newspaper would possibly include being asked to attend the grand opening of a wax museum AND then to try on my choice of clothes off a waxed figures back, I would have made a completely different decision.

Well, in Lois Lane -- Queen and Superman -- Commoner! our favorite girl reporter is asked to do just that.

We all know how great Lois looks in a calf-length skirt and pillbox hat, just imagine how great she'll look in a farthingale and ruff.

If the dagger is supposed to be cursed why is it on display with the a wax figures? I would think that dusty little curio shop from Friday the 13th - the series would have been a far more appropriate place.

You'll pose as King Henry VIII, who was a famous glutton! Really, that is what you're going with. Not the six wives thing? Not separating the Church of England from the Catholic Church and papal authority thing? Just the obesity. Seems a little too obvious. But, you're the reporter.

How come I don't get calls this exciting from my sister? She normally just calls to borrow something from me.

Seeing Lois in the whole Cleopatra outfit makes looking at Princess Leia in her slave girl outfit feel about as exciting as looking at your sister, doesn't it boys?

I don't understand why Superman even stopped by.

As Lois' performance reaches a climax ... That's it. I just wanted to repeat that.

Ah, with your glasses off, you look handsome. Yeah, I can see how those glasses might throw you off.

Wow, I believe a very similar scenario played out after the release of Troll 2.


  1. I remember having this issue when I was in elementary school in the mid 1960's

    1. Billy: This is a great one. As always the covers just sell me on trying to find this issues. Right now I am obsessed with finding the issue with Lois whipping the chained up life size puppet of Superman shackled to the wall. (WTF?) I just really need to know what happens in that issue!

  2. Lois' Cleopatra outfit is...kinda working for me. There, I said it.

    Any comic where Lana dresses like that?

  3. rob!: I'll have to see what I can dig up!