Friday, April 27, 2012

Once again Superman just makes everything worse.

The Second Superman
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane
DC Comics

Cover Art by Bob Oksner
Story Art by John Rosenberger and Vince Colletta
Script by Cary Bates

Number 132

Okay, I actually must give Superman kudos in this story. Afraid that his relationship with Lois Lane is placing her in harms way, Superman takes it upon his self to find Lois a husband, thus severing their relationship and removing her from danger.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not giving him any credit for going to such a length to keep her safe. Though it is surprising considering what a complete selfish bastard he is. What I find amazing is that he doesn't seem to hesitate to pick her a man that is oh-so-much hotter then himself.



What is it about the Daily Planet that attracts these eccentric string tie wearing types? I swear his is not the first.

I just want to say here that there was a time when I worked for a big research and development organization. One of those places where you were almost as likely too see army fatigues in the corridors as you were to see lab coats. I wouldn't say it was like the Umbrella Corporation or anything but I wouldn't say it wasn't like them either. I bring this up because all of the time I worked there, I assure, you I never saw a scientist that happening.

Breath taking indeed!

  Superman looks none too pleased.

I think the two broads on the bench should stay out of my, I mean Lois', business and get back to trying to marry off their granddaughters.

Perhaps the camera reveals a images of someone not nearly has attractive of the person you're taking the pictures of.

Yeah, we all saw this coming.

That totally blows. They finally offer up a romantic interest for Lois that I can totally get behind and they kill him off in the first story. The man even looked good while dying! Seems like a complete waste. Surely he deserved some sort of superhero spin off. Obviously there is always room for one more lab created scientist/superhero comic out there.


  1. Jesus! What a heartbreaking story. Don't you kind of hate Clark Kent a little at the end? Goody-two-shoes prick.

    I have to say, LL looked particularly hot this issue.

    1. Mykal: I always kind of hate Clark Kent.

      I agree Lois does look good except for the every first panel where I find her a wee bit frightening.

    2. Clark Kent didn't do anything but stay out of Lois' romance. I don't get the hate at all.

    3. Blues: You obviously are tuning in late. The hate is for fun!

      I don't really hate Superman and more than I want to jump on Lois Lane's crazy train.

      That Jimmy Olsen bastard is another story!

    4. I should point out though, ignoring the whole saving her life all the time thing, his is a crappy boyfriend.

    5. Blues: It's deeply confusing, I know, all this raw hate. Try this. Imagine that everything said in this post, and in the comments section, is exaggerated a bit for humorous effect.

  2. Paddling a canoe in the air? I call SHENANIGANS!


  3. Anyone want to test the idea that a surge of adrenaline makes you invulnerable to being HIT BY A CAR? Yeesh!

    1. Richard, I'm being to suspect that there is a whole lot about science in general and Adrenaline X in particular that I just don't understand.