Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ladies love Dingle!

The Brain-Busters
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane
DC Comics
Story by Cary Bates
Art by John Rosenberger
Number 126


Now I wouldn't want anyone to dismiss the later issues of Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane. They may not have the same charming style with her cute suit and hat outfits and those ever-present pearl earrings, but they still have our beloved Lois with trendy clothing, her clever mind and a fist that packs a wallop.

The Brain-Busters! has just about everything you could want in a Lois Lane comic. There is the sinister bad guy, a scary clown, secret disguises, as well as a much needed ass kicking. There is even a Lois Lane shower scene.

Now, for those of you who haven't already skipped ahead to the story, make sure to check out that super-jealously on the front cover with art by Bob Oksner.

Maybe if Lois would just lower her standards, she too would have her happy ending.


  1. What are those two girls in the back of the cover doing? Did the display of clown love finally allow them to be open with their relationship, as well?

  2. Lois never looked so good!

    Thanks, Vinnie.

  3. This is the era of DC comics that I miss. There is an atmosphere of confidence about the story which never takes itself too seriously. Plus, look at that art! Superman looks great, and Lois looks pretty good, too - particularly in those pink hip huggers and skin-tight top with the plunging neckline. She's no Leeja Clane, but she's still pretty hip.

    You gotta love that Oksner: Lois in thigh high boots about to mount a clown. Have I died and gone to heaven?

  4. I'm sorry but I hate the art and Lois' 'inflatable doll' expression. John Rossenberger was possibly the stiffest penciller next to John Forte and Art Saaf. Where is the humour and depth and skill and character and charm and sheen of King Kurt Schaffenberger?

  5. Rob!: We are only seeing a frozen moment in time, perhaps in real time, the threesome of Dingle, Lois and Marsha is far more erotic than one would be led to believe and those too just couldn't help themselves.

    Liquidwater: It's the boot. Everyone loves the boots.

    Mykal: This story definitely finds a nice medium between the completely unbelievable wackiness of the early stuff and the "takes itself too seriously" later comics. It's really fun, but I just can't buy this Lois as a top notch reporter, which I completely bought into in the late fifties and early sixties stories. Maybe it is the fact that she must spend way too much time on those beautiful tresses, or it could just be the whole thigh high boots and clown mounting. It's hard to say.

    Dandy: That is a fantastic description. I am such a huge fan of Kurt Schaffenberger that it can be a little hard for me to give this "updated" look Lois a chance.

    And her mouth is open WAY TOO MUCH!