Friday, June 11, 2010

Name me one person that doesn't love a good eye transplant story!

The Girl with the Killers Eyes
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane
DC Comics
Cover Art Neil Adams
Story Script by Leo Dorfman
Story Art by Irv Novick
Number 88


I have watched enough movies to know, without a doubt, that an eye transplant will inevitably end badly.

I have also read enough Lois Lane to know that if something could end with near disastrous result, Lois is there like a $99 dollar wedding gown sale at David's Bridal.

With that said please sit back and enjoy The Girl with the Killers Eyes!

Part I Through a Murderer's Eyes!

Part II The Girl with the Haunted Eye!


  1. I missed out on alot of the Lois Lane's from this period, so it's always cool to see them. Irv Novick was awesome!

  2. This would have been a great story to feature a celebrity cameo by either Sammy Davis, Sandy Duncan, or Peter Falk.

    BTW, anyone know whatever happened to Queenie the dog? I'm hoping Superman took her through time where she could be a member of The Legion of Super-Pets.

  3. Chuck: Despite my fervent desire for Lois Lane to always look stuck in 1960 Irv Novick really is great.

    Glad you are getting a chance to see stories that you haven't seen before.

    Rob!: I vote for Sandy Duncun! It would make it feel like I was five again.

    Seems to me most people in the Superman universe go blind at some point, so lets hope Queenie shows up again!

  4. Spectergirl: Another Novick fan here. Just a fine, fine draftsman; and what a cool story by Dorfman - very typical. I love just the pure brass balls of the concept. "We'll have a criminal pose as a doctor; convince Lois her flash blindness is permanent, and then have him slip contact lenses into her eyes upon which we'll have painted pictures of peoples faces!" Man, I just love that. That’s fun! Stories today let a fussy little thing like reality bind them to the dull earth.

    My favorite part is when superman comes flying in with a corpse still strapped to the gurney. "Nice try, doc. Here, I'll take that off your hands."

  5. Mykal: Yeah and didn't they just say there was a waiting list for eye transplant donors? Superman's like that dumb-ass waiter that keeps seating his friends and you've been waiting for 45 minutes.

  6. As a diehard Schaffenberger fan, I absolutely hated Novick's Lois. She just didn't look right; neither did Lucy or Lana.

  7. Sharon:I TOTALLY understand! I love Schaffenberger's Lois. She IS Lois Lane. There was a point where I resisted reading any story that didn't feature Schaffenberger's artwork but I have come to appreciate some of the others. Including Novick. It gets a little harder for me once we get into the seventies but I can still enjoy the stories.

    It is kind of like Aquaman. I really feel like only Romana Fradon's Aquaman is the real one but I'll still enjoy a 70's Aquaman every now and then.