Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oddly, I still find Margot Kidder LESS attractive!

Beware of the Bug-Belle!
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane
DC Comics
Cover by Kurt Schaffenberger
Script by E. Nelson Bridwell
Art by Kurt Schaffenberger
Number 69

If you are like most of us who dream some day of Lois Lane and reciprocated affection, your biggest fear is that she might call you Superman during foreplay. And NOT in a good way.

But with the help of Kurt Schaffenberger, Gay for Lois Lane is going to trump that fear tenfold.

Welcome to your new Lois related neurosis!

But don't worry too much, if you manage to make it through this one, I promise you a Lois/Lana pillow fight.

See, do I ever lie?


  1. Considering the crazy f*cked-up sh*t that Lois Lane goes through every single day, she's a remarkably centered human being.

    "So what if I was turned into a human/insect hybrid? That was yesterday! Now to write that piece about the 50th anniversary of Beetle Bailey!"

  2. Of all the times Lois had super-powers this was a freakiest. Almost David Lynch-ian in concept. Interesting how, like Lana and Velvet O'Mara, her head is always human - otherwise how would we know them apart - but it looks even more bizarre to me

    Nice to read a 60's LL story that isn't about tricking Superman into find out his secret identity or trying to get him to marry her. In fact he hardly features, and when he does she's rescuing him!

  3. Dandy: Yeah, I really enjoy this story. And love that Lois and Lana get to save Superman. But I have to tell you I just find those bug/human hybrids really really creepy.

  4. Damn, that's a great looking story and again - I just can't get enough Schaffenberger art.

  5. By the way - I don't think scorpions are insects, Lois. Don't they come under arachnids!

  6. It looks like the wrong cover is attached to the story...still, great to read these again!!

  7. I have this comic and it's the correct cover. But this was at the time you'would have three complete stories per issue. Perfect for the young reader with a limited attention span! :)

  8. I don't think even a Lois/Lana pillowfight was worth that. Oh the pain. Deep hurting!

  9. Chuck: I agree complete!

    Dandy & Usher Bob: I completely love the old three story issues. I wish you still saw that. Of course maybe you still do and I don't know if because I seem to only look for old comics.

    Oh, and yeah, I was wondering about the scorpion, but as I don't know much about alien bio-jewelry I didn't want to question it. :)

    Midford Man: If that pillow fight didn't make it worth your while, you sir are visiting the wrong blog.

    Now take that back!